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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Five affordable and realistic ways you can start making dough

Did you know that you can make money selling hair? Photo: Nina Hill

Did you know that you can make money selling hair? Photo: Nina Hill

Published Sep 19, 2023


Starting a side hustle does not have to be a strenuous and tiring.

It can even be an anxiety-inducing process. With adequate planning and research, you can start a small business without any significant difficulty.

Here are five side hustles you can start today:

Sneaker cleaning

Photo: Arthur Ogleznev

Sneakers are incredibly popular, with new versions of name brands selling out almost always on the day they drop. Sneaker heads (enthusiasts) collect, trade and even display the footwear, so they must be in pristine condition.

Additionally, ordinary South Africans also need their sneakers to be cleaned. This is why such a side hustle could prove a success.

You would need to research the cleaning supplies and process, then, when you're ready, advertise your services to your customers.

Your prices can depend on the brand, how much cleaning is needed and more.

Buying and delivering groceries

Photo: Pixabay

While online shopping has made it easier to do everyday shopping, the high price hikes have made it a necessity for people to shop at different grocery stores to find the best savings. This can be tedious and time-consuming for those with super busy lives.

This is where you come in as a personal food shopper.  What you charge for your services could be catered to each individual based on how much you would need to travel to buy the food, how many items you would need to buy, and the time you would need to spend at the shops.

Curated box of healthy snacks

Photo: Katerina Holmes

A curated box of snacks involves a variety of goodies, from fruits and sweets to chips and more. With people encouraged to be more health-conscious, even treats are eyed as being unhealthy, hence the boom of such snacks. But where can one find them?

Would they even be worth it since healthier options tend to be more expensive? You can answer all these questions for your customers, who can pay a monthly subscription fee to get a delivery of your curated snacks.

You can conduct some research and find the weirdest kinds of foods to include in your collection, and the best part is that you get to eat them all first!

Create personalised gifts

Photo: Pixabay

Above all, a personalised gift is unique and not replicable. Unique features can include adding a favourite saying, meaningful words, significant dates, first names, and more.

There are countless occasions that call for gift giving, such as birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. While a gift is always a nice gesture between people who care for each other, they are often generic, mass-produced, and does not have any distinguishing features.

With a business that customises presents, you can create special memories by giving your customers what was made for them.

Sell wigs

Photo: Rodnae Productions

The global hair industry is valued at over $80 billion and is predicted to grow. Hair is considered an integral part of one's beauty, sense of style, and personality. Wigs are also very profitable, with a $6 billion market evaluation.

They can offer flexibility to those whose hair demands more time to be done, as you simply put it on and go. For black women, they can act as a protective barrier between their natural hair and the elements.

Wigs can also be favoured by those who want to experiment with bright colours that may damage their own hair.  You can also cash in on this profitable industry if you play your cards right!

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