Five reasons every small business owner should have a mentor

Industry mentors bring a lot of expertise and experience to the table. Picture: Pexels

Industry mentors bring a lot of expertise and experience to the table. Picture: Pexels

Published Sep 13, 2023


Small company owners encounter a plethora of problems and possibilities in the ever-changing environment of entrepreneurship.

Guidance and assistance from experienced mentors have become vital in order to flourish in this climate.

According to Kyle Ballard, the head of accelerators at the Durban Chemicals Cluster (DCC), on the sometimes solitary road of entrepreneurship, business owners typically find themselves treading unfamiliar seas.

This solitude may make the route to success and scalability appear overwhelming, but having a mentor as a trusted sounding board can be game-changing.

Ballard gives five reasons why every small business owner should consider mentorship:

1. Expertise and guidance

Industry mentors bring a lot of expertise and experience to the table. They have faced the same obstacles, market dynamics, and possibilities as small entrepreneurs. Their advice can assist entrepreneurs in making educated decisions and avoiding frequent traps.

2. Networking possibilities

Mentors frequently have significant networks in their profession. Small-company entrepreneurs that engage with a mentor through programmes like the DCC Accelerator receive access to vital contacts, possible partners, and possibilities they may not have encountered otherwise.

3. Accountability and goal setting

A mentor may assist in developing specific, quantifiable objectives and holding the company owner accountable for meeting them. Entrepreneurs are more likely to stay on track and fulfil their key company objectives if they receive regular check-ins and assistance.

4. Decision making and problem solving

Having a mentor to talk with when faced with complicated challenges or key decisions can be critical. Industry mentors can provide insights and viewpoints that the business owner may not have considered, resulting in more informed decisions.

5. Personal growth and confidence

Beyond business knowledge, mentors can also provide personal support and encouragement. They can boost the business owner’s confidence and motivation, which is especially valuable during challenging times. Knowing that an experienced mentor believes in their potential can be powerful motivator.