Zulu king loyalists involved in road accident while returning from court case in Pretoria

Key backers of King Misuzulu have been involved in a car accident. Picture: Sihle Mavuso/ IOL Politics

Key backers of King Misuzulu have been involved in a car accident. Picture: Sihle Mavuso/ IOL Politics

Published Oct 19, 2023


Two key Zulu princes in King Misuzulu kaZwethini’s inner circle have been involved in a horrible car accident while returning from the court case over the throne in Pretoria.

Prince Simphiwe Zulu and Prince Vanana Zulu, both from KwaMinyamanzi Royal House, were rushed to hospital in critical condition after the accident around Springs in Gauteng.

According to IOL sources within the Zulu royal household, the two princes were travelling in a car with other royal family members when it overturned.

“They were seriously injured and rushed to a nearby hospital for medical care,” a source told IOL immediately after the accident happened.

The Zulu royals were returning from Pretoria, where they took part in the three-day hearing where Prince Simakade challenged President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision to recognise King Misuzulu as the traditional leader of the Zulu nation.

They were on their way to Nongoma in northern KwaZulu-Natal, where they live, and they would have later visited King Misuzulu to brief him about their official trip to Pretoria.

Prince Vanana was appointed on September 23 by King Misuzulu to command the Zulu regiments together with Sipho Mhlongo, while Prince Simphiwe is the king’s representative in the house of traditional leaders.

During the court case, Prince Vanana was the one commanding the Zulu regiments, who camped inside and outside court.

In one TV interview, he said the court case by Prince Simakade was not necessary, as a king is born, not appointed, and King Misuzulu was born for the position he is currently occupying.

Prince Simphiwe, who two weeks ago spoke on behalf of King Misuzulu at the funeral of Revered Erlo Stegen, the founder of the KwaSizabantu mission in Kranskop, was one of the leading figures in the court chambers of Pretoria.

He even led in saluting King Misuzulu in absentia, irking Prince Simakade’s faction.

The royal spokesperson, Prince Africa Zulu, confirmed the accident.

However, he said, according to information at his disposal, Prince Vanana was injured on his arm, while Prince Simphiwe was injured in the chest, and they were stabilised by paramedics.

“That is what we know for now,” he said briefly.

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