Out of hand! FlySafair bans couple following sexual act aboard flight to Durban

Photo Supplied

Photo Supplied

Published Apr 19, 2023


A couple has been banned from booking flights on FlySafair after they were reported to have engaged in a sexual act aboard a flight from Gauteng to Durban this week.

News24 reported that a businessman had complained about the couple’s activity. He claimed that the woman had her hands in her partner's pants while the plane waited to take off.

The man, who filmed the activity, alleged that he could not leave his seat for safety reasons and the couple's activity, which included kissing and giggling, continued while the aircraft took off.

He said as soon as he could leave his seat, he reported the incident to an air hostess. The businessman added that he expected the police to get involved.

Speaking to IOL, FlySafair chief marketing officer Kirby Gordon said the company condemned lewd and indecent acts.

“We reserve the right of admission on our flights and we’ve taken the action of banning these individuals from any future flights with us. We’ve cancelled any future bookings and set their details on our systems so that no future reservations will be accepted,” Gordon said.

He explained that for the police to get involved, the passenger who witnessed the sexual act needed to lay charges against the couple, something he believed the businessman was considering.

“We will obviously support these charges with all required information,” Gordon said.

He said the complainant would have to go to the police station to open a case against the couple.

“Procedurally we cannot give those details to him, nor can we give them to the police without written request from the SAPS for the same because these people’s personal information is protected by Popia laws. FlySafair certainly do not condone this type of behaviour and the gentleman in question has our full support for his case against these individuals should he choose to bring it,” Gordon said.

He said this was the first complaint of this nature that the company had received.

“People are generally very decent on flights,” he said.

Gordon said the commission of indecent acts in public was covered by the law – the Civil Aviation Act, and also the laws of the country – and people engaging in this kind of behaviour in public could have charges laid against them.

“The ultimate punishment would be up to a judge, and I’m not a legal expert so it would be unfair to speculate what the ultimate punishments would be. That said, the Civil Aviation Act does mention that convicted parties would be liable to a fine and/or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months,” he said.