Some of the range of condiments produced by Great Hearts of Africa on display in a Russian store.

A Durban-based company, which produces a tasty range of sauces and spices, is making significant inroads in penetrating the Russian market.
Director of the condiments producing enterprise Great Hearts of Africa, Doris Rae, will be one of the 20 businesspeople who will be travelling to the Russian city of Novosibirsk on an Investment and Trade Initiative organised by the Department of Trade and Industry (dti).
The trip is from October 24 to October 26.

The department said the trip was part of its efforts to seek markets across the world for the value-added goods that are produced in South Africa, with the aim of increasing SA’s export volumes to grow the economy and create job opportunities.

According to Rae, the mission will help expand her exports, as her products are already available in Russia.

“I was part of the dti’s mission to Moscow last year where I successfully negotiated a deal with a chain of supermarkets called Azbuka Vkusa.

“We delivered our first order 
to the stores this year and our 
products are already sold in their shops,” said Rae.

While at the World Food Moscow Exhibition last month, where she was also funded by the dti to showcase her products, Rae held a meeting with representatives from Azbuka Vkusa who gave her positive feedback about her products in their stores.

“They indicated that a growing number of their customers have showed interest in our products due to their quality and taste.

“That motivated us a lot as a company and we agreed that we needed to extend the range in the Azbuka stores but also work to expand the market to more regions and cities of Russia. The trip to Novosibirsk could not have come at a more opportune time for us,” said Rae.

She said she was grateful to the dti for opening the doors for her company.

“We will not rest on our laurels but will continue to focus our attention and efforts on creating more awareness about our products with the aim of securing more export markets as part of our plans to expand our business,” said Rae. – Network Reporter