WATCH: They have big teeth, says American actress bitten six times by seal on Clifton’s 4th Beach

American actress LouLou Taylor. Picture: Instagram

American actress LouLou Taylor. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 5, 2023


Durban - An American actress who was bitten six times by a seal at a Cape Town beach said she was on the mend.

LouLou Taylor, said the attack took place on Clifton’s 4th Beach on Tuesday, where the attack on other bathers took place.

In her Instagram stories Taylor said: “Be careful swimming at Clifton, I was attacked by a seal in the water and bitten six times, requiring an ER visit and strong antibiotics. They have big teeth. Thank you to those who helped me in and out of the water.”

Taylor provided an update on her health a few hours ago, saying that she was on the mend.

“Recent surge in seal attacks is linked to an algae bloom that releases a neurotoxin which triggers an aggressive behaviour.

“What might cause the algae blooms? More likely global warming and water pollution,” she wrote.

According to IMBD, Taylor is known for her roles in the television series Raised by Wolves (2020), Detour (2016) and Farah Goes Bang (2013).

A total of three people, including a young boy have been attacked by seals this week.

In the attack, caught on camera, people are seen frolicking in the surf.

The pup is seen in the shallow water and seconds later, dashes towards a youngster. The seal then bites the boy on his leg and a man, who ran in to help the boy, is also attacked.

The City of Cape Town said it had been in touch with the young child and the father who were bitten and confirmed both were fine at the moment.