Listen: The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in SA - and book giveaway

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Welcome to the Personal Finance Podcast show, with me content editor, Ruan Jooste.

Published Aug 1, 2023


I had two very special guests in studio today, former Personal Finance editor - and now self-confessed writer of books - Bruce Cameron and former FPI Financial Planner of the Year, Wouter Fourie, who is also the CEO of Ascor Independent Wealth Managers.

They recently released the third edition of their book - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO RETIREMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA - which was not an easy task, believe you me, with all the facts and figures involved, and all the cross checks to make sure they get them straight. We discuss some of the themes covered in this edition of this book and why the latest version is more important than ever.

As a special treat, two of our lucky listeners can win a copy of the book, compliments of the authors, if they listen to the podcast for more details. It will be on a first come first serve basis.