Dave Nosworthy.

Lions cricket coach Dave Nosworthy has resigned from his post, serving one month’s notice to the Lions Cricket Board.

In a statement released by the franchise, Nosworthy cited personal and principled reasons for his resignation and thanked his players and staff for their efforts during his tenure.

Said Nosworthy: “It is always a sad time when one parts ways with a unit that is on the brink of bigger and better things, but I feel that the time is right for me to move on after considering various aspects and options.

“There have been a number of personal and principled factors involved in my decision, and these have led me to decide to look for greener pastures. I wish to thank Lions Cricket as a whole for their understanding in this matter, and for the last four seasons in which there has been tremendous growth. To my hard working players and staff – many thanks for your support and all of the best for this coming season, as I know there are exciting things on the horizon.

“Lastly, to the supporters and fans that have been superb through thick and thin – your ongoing loyalty and passion has always been unwavering and may our ‘men in red’ now go on and continue to entertain you.”

Nosworthy took over at the Lions at a time when the team was unstable and lacking true leadership. He led to the side to two Champions League appearances.

Lions chairman Archie Pretorius thanked Nosworthy for his service.

“Although we did not anticipate this early move from Dave, we respect his decision and wish him all the best for what comes next in his career,” Pretorius said. “The board will now deliberate on what the next step will be and this will definitely bring some changes for us.” – IOL