JOHANNESBURG – Russell Domingo said he does have greater clarity about his future as Proteas coach, but wants to study the process he has to follow before committing to whether he’ll apply for the post.

Cricket SA’s Board of Directors will meet on May 12 where that process may be outlined, although it is understood, they may also choose to appoint Domingo again. His contract ends at the conclusion of the England tour in August.

Domingo spent part of his recent fishing break thinking about what he may do. “There is a process that needs to take place,” he said on Wednesday.

“My fishing buddies like having a national coach as a mate, so they are encouraging me to throw my name in the hat. I need to find out what the process is. I’ve loved my four years in the national side.”

He repeated that it was any coach’s dream to work with the national team and that he wouldn’t mind another crack at a World Cup.

“I’ve had one opportunity, came pretty close and if I’m fortunate, I’d like another opportunity to do it, but it’s not in my control.”

“Whether I do throw my name in the hat, is not really that important, it’s the process that needs to take place which is more important. The people who make the decisions are more important and they need to do what they feel is in the best interests of South African cricket,” Domingo continued.

Domingo was informed at the end of January that he would need to “re-apply” for his job. He was appointed in August 2013.

“I know where I’d like to be.

"I’d like to be involved in South African cricket, whether it’s with the national side, whether it’s with an academy side, a franchise ... my passion is South African cricket and that’s where I’d like to stay.

"The powers above me can decide where that needs to be, but I’m fully committed to being involved in cricket in this country.”

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