SOCIAL IMPACT: Adam Fine, 24, is the founder of Fives Futbol. He will speak about transforming ideas into action.

Simone Alicea

A YOUNG Capetonian will speak on entrepreneurship and social change at a conference at the UN in New York this week.

Adam Fine, 24, is the founder and chief executive of Fives Futbol in Cape Town. The company has six venues across the metro for five-a-side football.

One of the company’s partners, Haruhisa Handa, organised the conference on using sport as a means of development where young leaders from around the world will speak about their endeavours.

Fine will speak on a panel about the challenges of transforming ideas into action, and give general remarks about Fives Futbol today.

“South Africa is small, but has incredibly connected networks,” Fine said.

Fine was born in South Africa and grew up in the UK, but moved back to South Africa to start his business. He said working in a developing country had its challenges, such as access to funding and training personnel.

He also said working in South Africa provided a unique opportunity. “Our impact is significantly greater. We couldn’t do that as easily in the UK.”

Handa runs the Japan-based Inspiring Through the Power of Sport (ISPS) and organised a similar conference in Tokyo last year, where Fine also spoke.

ISPS focuses on social change through sport.

Fine will talk about both the business and social impact aspects of Fives Futbol.

He said young people could feel invincible, which could be a good thing for entrepreneurs.

“So long as it’s harnessed. It’s naive to expect anyone below the age of 30 to know what they’re doing all of the time.”

He was excited to learn from other young leaders and see what he could apply to his own company.

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