ANC vows to fight crime and corruption in 2024

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the ANC intends to focus on fighting crime and corruption in 2024. Picture: File

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the ANC intends to focus on fighting crime and corruption in 2024. Picture: File

Published Jan 13, 2024


President Cyril Ramaphosa says the ANC intends to focus on fighting crime and corruption in 2024.

Ramaphosa delivered his highly anticipated January 8 statement at the Mbombela Stadium where ANC supporters from all corners of the country flocked to celebrate the occasion.

He said the party’s birthday was about celebrating its accomplishments and the greatest qualities of the South African people as a whole.

“In 2024, we will focus on working together with the (tripartite) alliance and all sectors of society to accelerate the reconstruction of our economy, deliver quality basic services and infrastructure, renew the ANC and society, fight crime and corruption, rejuvenate our nation, and contribute towards a better Africa and world,” Ramaphosa said.

The subject of crime has been among the alarming issues raised in South Africa.

Following the release of crime statistics in the country, various political parties have raised concerns about the need to confront crime.

A statement that was shared by Action SA leader Herman Mashaba after the release of the crime stats pointed out that all parties needed to intervene to restore the rule of law in South Africa.

“President Cyril Ramaphosa’s refusal to recognise how abysmal (Police Minister Bheki) Cele’s five-year reign has been is further evidence that he is incapable of making the right decisions to fix South Africa. The truth is, President Ramaphosa should have fired the police minister years ago and should do so today.

“Urgent policy reform and attention are therefore needed to intervene at the South African Police Service, partnering with civil society, to restore the rule of law and bring safety to communities that have been let down. Urgent attention must also be given to the socio-economic drivers of crime,” said Mashaba.

The DA also voiced its stance on the prevalence of crime in Limpopo, and denounced the ANC for not making interventions.

“Limpopo has been experiencing an annual increase in crime for years now, and the ANC executive would like to downplay and normalise this scourge through lip service and empty promises.

“The DA does not accept this and will continue to fight for a capable and well-resourced police force to keep our communities safe,” it said.

According to the party, 281 victims reported murder, assault, sexual offences, theft and robbery incidents every day.

Concerning year-on-year increases, the following were reported:

310 attempted murders - an increase of 19.2%;

1 153 sexual offences - an increase of 1.7%;

Common assault - increased to 2 627 cases;

Commercial crime - increased to 1 733, an increase of 16.9%.

The GOOD Party also weighed in on the statistics, saying there was no question that South Africa urgently needed better policing and a functioning, trustworthy justice system.

“South Africa needs to implement meaningful redress, reduce inequalities, finalise reparations, and address unfinished business - the totality of which is a toxic environment conducive to crime flourishing,” the party said. | Sunday Independent