Cape Town - Green Point lighthouse’s foghorn has been blowing irritatingly louder than usual since Friday, some Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl residents have complained.

“I have never been bothered by the foghorn before, but I’ve noticed that since Friday it blows a lot louder. It actually made me a bit anxious,” said Lucy Graham from Sea Point.

She explained that as a Sea Point resident for the past eight years, she had always found the sound of the foghorn so soft that it never interfered with her life.

“The main thing is that it (now) affects my sleep during the night. Early this morning it woke me, and if you can’t sleep during the night you can’t work, focus or concentrate clearly. I literally feel harassed and sleep-deprived by this foghorn,” she said..

Table Bay Harbour’s Port Authority, who she had contacted, said they know nothing about the foghorn being louder, Graham said.

“When I called the lighthouse itself, they also said that it was the same foghorn and as far as they knew nothing had changed,” she added.

Her friend Hugh Macmillan said he had also heard a louder foghorn sound.

“Previously we could hear it, but it was not so loud. I can certainly vouch that it’s much louder than before,” Macmillan said.

Graham said a comment on social media by Alan Schreiber said the foghorn had not been blowing when he walked past it on Monday morning - “and then he heard that very loud sound coming from somewhere in the fog, presumably from a ship”.

She said that after contacting the Port Authority on more than two occasions, they said the loud foghorn sound was apparently from a ship anchored in the bay.

She had been told the sound would continue as long as the ship was there.

Green Point resident Gary Petersen said he had always been aware of the foghorn sound, but that it now seemed louder than before.

“It is quite loud. It’s annoying,” he said.

Deidre Donnelly, a former Green Point resident who said she was familiar with the foghorn’s sound, said that for the first time since moving to Gardens, she had been kept awake by the sound of a foghorn early on Saturday, despite wearing earplugs.

“It must have been rather loud on that side (of Sea Point) if I could hear it.”

Coen Birkenstock, manager of corporate affairs of Transnet National Ports Authority, had promised in an e-mail to respond to a Cape Times query on the matter.

However, he had not replied by the time of publishing.

Cape Times