Bushiri urged to prove R10m bribe claims

Charismatic preacher Shepherd Bushiri with his wife Mary in Malawi. Photo: Supplied

Charismatic preacher Shepherd Bushiri with his wife Mary in Malawi. Photo: Supplied

Published Mar 14, 2024


The SAPS has called on Malawian and fugitive self-proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to lay bare the evidence of his claims that police solicited a bribe of R10 million from him and his wife Mary.

The police have also called on him to return to South Africa to face his crimes.

Bushiri, who this week continued his tirade against the South African government and its people after claiming that the SAPS had demanded R10m from him and his wife, has courted controversy over his latest claims.

In a series of social media posts and online publications in Malawi, Bushiri made claims that a company called Rising Estate Limited was the beneficiary of his church funds.

According to the Hawks, there is no such company on their radar and Bushiri should not attempt to muddy the case.

“We investigated a lot of companies, there is no evidence that the Rising Estate Limited did anything wrong. It’s clear that the money was sent to Malawi before Bushiri skipped the country. If he was innocent, why did he run away?” the Hawks said.

Bushiri, who paints himself as a law-abiding citizen, said he did not pay the bribe, adding that the only reason a bribe was demanded of him and his wife was that they were foreigners.

This week, the pair appeared in a Malawian court on charges relating to the theft of R106m.

“My ministry was growing too big, and this was part of xenophobic jealousy and more other things,” he said.

Bushiri and his wife, who escaped South Africa in 2020, are still seen as fugitives in South Africa where they are facing 13 offences, including forgery, and stealing, money laundering, racketeering, failing to comply with bail conditions, failing to comply with the requirements of Immigration Act, including contravening it.

Responding to The Star following the latest accusations, SAPS spokesperson Athlenda Mathe called on the controversial man of the cloth to come forward and report these allegations.

“We call upon Shepherd Bushiri to come forward to open a case of corruption and bribery against those members so we can investigate this case,” Mathe said.

Independent Media previously reported that Bushiri and his wife were arrested by the SAPS in October 2022 on charges of money laundering.

The news publication added that, due to this case, Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera had hired a private jet to smuggle the couple out of the country.

The South African government has also rubbished Bushiri’s assertions that the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) flew to Malawi to defend him and his wife Mary.

Among other things, he claimed that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) had fabricated the evidence against him and his wife.

Department of Justice and Correctional Services spokesperson Chrispin Phiri told The Star that Bushiri’s claims were outrageous and out of touch with what the actual job and function of the NDPP entailed.

“Rubbish! The NPA doesn’t defend people, it prosecutes them,” Phiri said.

Bushiri’s lawyer has accused the NPA of doctoring documents, adding that he had evidence of the original extradition documents. However, NPA spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga denounced the lawyer’s accusation.

“All prosecutorial decisions are based on evidence and the NPA is guided by law, Constitution and NPA policy in its prosecution process. Therefore, we deny fabricating evidence as the prosecuting authority,” Mhaga said.

Malawi24, seemingly a pro-Bushiri newspaper outlet in Malawi, reported that Bushiri was in the process of purchasing a Boeing aircraft.

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