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Donald has taken his expression of love to a more spiritual level. On his latest single, Sanctuary Love, he is describing a love that is not easily attainable and therefore is a safe haven for those who are lucky to experience it.  

“When I came up with the song, I wanted to describes a love that is higher than the normal kind we experience everyday.
"A sanctuary is a haven, a safe place. So I wanted to create a conversation about being loved in a way that you know you are safe from any harm, just by having someone who can give you that kind affection in life,” said the Idols SA music mentor. 

He further explains that his reasons for such a song are based on his observation of people needing a reminder of how deep and sacred love is.
“I just really feel that right now, more than ever before, there is a need for our people to be reminded that love is okay, it is cool, and that we need to love each other and appreciate each other a little more. 

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There is just so much hate, so much jealousy and negativity in the world. And I just feel like I am that guy who has the opportunity to close that gap and remind people of that one thing that I honestly believe we still lack and yet believe can change our lives," he added.
He said he has been humbled by love from his fans, which taught him about life. 

“It is humbling to realise that music has changed someone's life or perspectives.”
The hit maker said his family has been his back bone and the definition of love.
He also mentioned that he has been hurt by ex girlfriends, but even those situations have made him a better person. “I have learned that I can love whomever I will love in the future better.” 

Music has saved him by giving him purpose, he said. "Everyday when I wake up, I know what I am waking up for. A lot of people struggle with knowing what their purpose is, but I count myself blessed to know that once it is all said and done, I will look back and realise that I have lived a fulfilling life because I had a reason to be alive. And music is the reason I am alive. "
Sanctuary Love features Zanda Zakuza and DJ Tira.