Limpopo Social Development repulsed by rape of 15-year-old teenager

Limpopo Social Development repulsed by rape of 15-year-old teenager. Picture: File

Limpopo Social Development repulsed by rape of 15-year-old teenager. Picture: File

Published Jan 22, 2024


Rape has once again reared its ugly head and echoed Police Minister Bheki Cele’s sentiments that attacks and violence against women, children and the elderly in the country continue to remain at shameful levels.

The latest victim is a 15-year-old from Limpopo who was raped after she had gone to purchase medicine for her mother over the weekend.

According to the provincial Department of Social Development, police had indicated that the girl had boarded a taxi with four men from Tshakhuma after she had purchased her mother’s medicine.

Instead of going the usual route, the taxi allegedly stopped near bushes near Tshiemuemu Secondary school, where one of the men proceeded to rape the girl.

The teenager was then released and met a local pastor who assisted her and promptly informed the family.

The police opened a case, with a manhunt currently under way in search of the four suspects.

Nandi Ndalane, the Limpopo MEC for Social Development, said she was incensed and repulsed over the rape of the minor girl.

“I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the heinous act of violence perpetrated against such a vulnerable minor. Our society must come together and unequivocally condemn such abhorrent behaviour and work towards creating a safe environment for all individuals,” remarked the MEC.

She further called on men to deeply reflect on the impact of their actions as she emphasised that it was crucial for everyone to understand that such behaviour was not just harmful to individuals, but also eroded the fabric of our society and communities.

As per the most recent crime statistics, Cele revealed in November that there had been as many as 10 516 reported rape incidents between July and September.

Roughly 4 726 of the incidents were reported to have occurred at the victims’ home or in instances where the perpetrator was known to the victim.

Although the statistics actually represented a 35.9% decrease in sexual offences, Cele remarked that crimes against the most vulnerable in society continued to be “shameful”.

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