‘MasterChef SA’ 2022 winner Shawn Godfrey creates ‘premium’ experience at 30 000 feet for local airline

MasterChef SA 2022 winner Shawn Godfrey. Picture: Charlie Sperring

MasterChef SA 2022 winner Shawn Godfrey. Picture: Charlie Sperring

Published Jun 2, 2023


Ever since its launch in 2020, Lift Airline has been rising to greater heights.

The airline has always ensured that passengers and cabin crew have the best possible onboard experience. In-flight, travellers enjoy a complimentary light snack and beverage when they fly. The airline has worked with Vida e Caffè and selected wine farms to create a food offering like no other on board.

Earlier this week, the airline announced that a partnershiop with MasterChef SA 2022 winner Shawn Godfrey, who has conceptualised and created an elevated in-flight dining experience for premium passengers.

After winning the coveted title, Gqeberha-born Godfrey, an engineer by profession, launched his new company, The Roasted Dad.

It is through the Lift partnership with ‘The Roasted Dad’ that Godfrey has explored an entirely new way of preparing food at 30 000 ft.

MasterChef SA 2022 winner Shawn Godfrey. Picture: Charlie Sperring

In preparing the menu he had several challenges to take into account since meals prepared for flights have their own guidelines, not experienced when dining on land.

“It’s important to be strategic about the meals served on a plane. Obviously, the smell is a big consideration on a flight due to the confined space, so meals including ingredients with a strong odour can be unpleasant, and we chose to stay clear of those. In addition, being mindful that South Africa is a melting pot of beautiful diversity, all food suppliers and products used by Lift are halaal friendly”, said Godfrey.

Dishes featured on the new menu include chickpea shakshuka served with ostrich boerewors and micro herbs as a breakfast snack. For lunch or a dinner snack, passengers can enjoy the creamy cheese herb ‘pap tert’ served with Moroccan pulled lamb, yoghurt, and micro herb topping. Travellers with a sweet tooth can indulge in a dark brownie and white cappuccino truffles, mindfully chosen by Godfrey in an effort to switch things up from the common jellied consistency of desserts offered on flights.

A meal from Lift’s new premium menu. Picture: Supplied

Lift co-founder Jonathan Ayache, said: “To complement the new food menu, the airline will bring in a fresh assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Travellers will be able to choose from a wide range of premium wines and spirits by local and international producers such as DGB - SA’s largest producers of wine brands: Bellingham, Bochendal, Backsberg, and Fryer’s Cove.

“Additional beverages include the world’s leading spirits: vodka’s Absolut, SA’s premium gin - Inverroche, second best-selling single malt - Glenlivet, as well as super-premium Scotch whiskey - Chivas Regal, to name a few from Pernord Richard’s international portfolio of brands.”

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