Tips on how to make travelling with kids easier and more enjoyable for you and them

Schedule breaks during a long trip. Picture: Freepik

Schedule breaks during a long trip. Picture: Freepik

Published Nov 17, 2023


In just a few weeks the schools will be closing and by now many parents already have plans in place for the long summer holiday.

For some parents, this might just be sending their little ones off to visit granny and grandpa for a bit, while for others this is the time of year when they themselves take some time off.

It’s the best time to do a bit of travelling and go on a family vacation.

A family trip is a time to create precious memories, have fun and bond.

However, travelling can be a challenging task when doing so with little ones.

Here are some tips to make your travel with kids easier and more enjoyable.

Plan ahead

When travelling with kids, it’s important to plan your trip in advance. Research your destination, book accommodations suitable for families, and make a list of activities that will be of interest to your children. Also, consider the weather conditions and pack appropriate clothing and accessories.

Pack wisely

Packing for a trip with kids requires careful consideration. Make a checklist of essential items such as nappies, wipes, extra clothes, snacks, entertainment items (books, toys, tablets), and any necessary medications. Be sure to carry these items in easily accessible bags or backpacks.

Opt for family-friendly accommodations

Look for accommodations that cater to families with kids. Many hotels offer amenities like kid-friendly pools, playgrounds, and child care services. If you prefer more space and flexibility, consider renting a holiday home instead.

Opt for family-friendly accommodation. Picture: Freepik

Keep them entertained

Long flights or car rides can be tedious for your little ones, so it’s essential to keep them entertained. Pack a variety of entertainment options such as colouring books, puzzles, interactive games, and movies. Engage them in conversation and play games that are suitable for their age group.

Schedule breaks

Kids have shorter attention spans and need regular breaks, especially during long journeys. Plan frequent stops where they can stretch their legs and get some fresh air. This will help them stay energised and reduce restlessness.

Plan frequent stops where they can stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Picture: Freepik

Be flexible

Keep in mind that travelling with kids may not always go as planned. Be prepared for unexpected delays, tantrums, and changes in schedules. Try to maintain a flexible attitude and go with the flow. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination.

Involve your kids in the planning process

Let them choose activities or attractions that they are interested in, within reason. This will make them feel included and excited about the trip.

Maintain routine

While travelling disrupts the daily routine, try to maintain certain aspects of it to provide stability for your kids.

Stick to regular meal times and sleep schedules as much as possible. This will help them adjust better to the new environment.