LOOK: What it will cost you to stay in one of these countries as a digital nomad

Some travel destinations offer beauty landscapes to enjoy while you work. Picture: Unsplash

Some travel destinations offer beauty landscapes to enjoy while you work. Picture: Unsplash

Published Oct 17, 2022


Looking at the positive that has come out of Covid, remote work and hybrid working have to be at the top of the list.

Doing internet work while carrying your laptop everywhere has freed many from the shackles of the office, giving digital nomads the opportunity to travel and work from any part of the world, all thanks to the internet.

Here are the most popular places digital nomads are flocking to currently, according Nomadlist.com.

Canggu, Bali

Party with like-minded digital nomads at this resort village in Bali. Picture: Unsplash

If you’re interested in living and exploring while having fun, then this destination is for you. The resort village in Bali was rated 4.15 out of 5 by digital nomads. It has also been rated as an affordable place to live that is also quite safe.

Madeira, Portugal

Explore the cliffs and beaches of Madeira when you go on a hike. Picture: Unsplash

According to reviews, Madeira is a pleasantly touristy island which is great for hiking and travelling by car. Madeira boasts mild Mediterranean climate year round, making it perfect for travel at any time of the year. The cost of living for a nomad is $1 953 (R35 408) a month and the average internet speed is 31Mbps.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is known for its cultural landmarks and temples. Picture: Unsplash

The city known for its street life and cultural landmarks has been given a top rating by nomads. It scored 3.81 out of five, with a good power grid to ensure you’re always connected, even when working. The cost of living for nomads sits at $1 880 (R34 083) a month and the average internet speed is 17Mbps.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the world. Picture: Unsplash

This mountainous city with its ancient temples is great for the traveller who loves history and would like to explore ruins. With its rich cultural history and some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the world, the city is affordable for nomads with a cost of living of $1 213 (R22 004). Chiang Mai is also friendly towards women and has an average internet speed of 17Mbps.

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Enjoy this stunning coastline while you work and play. Picture: Unsplash

Gran Canaria is a picturesque island with diverse landscapes, stunning coastline, undulating mountains, sandy dunes, pine forests, cave dwellings and deep ravines making it ideal for the digital nomad.

The island has a great quality of life score and with a cost of living of about $1 656 (R30 045) for the nomad. With low levels of crime and great ratings on safety, the island is a must visit.

Bengaluru, India

Bengaluru is India’s high-tech industry capital. Picture: Unsplash

As the centre of India’s high-tech industry, its no wonder that this city ranks popular among working travellers.

The cost of living for digital nomads sits at $1 256 (R22 787), while the average internet speed is at an incredible 37Mpbs. Although it’s not that LGBTQ+ friendly, the city received a score of 3.52 out of 5.

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Enjoy island life at Ko Pha Ngan. Picture: Unsplash

Known as the ultimate tropical escape for travellers, this island is a favourite for digital nomads. The island is renowned for its Full Moon parties and has an average internet speed of 17Mbps. For those travelling to the island, the cost of living sits at $1 818 (R32 983) a month and has a high ranking when it comes to fun.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tourists exploring the streets of Tbilisi in Georgia. Picture: Unsplash

The capital of Georgia, with diverse architecture including Eastern Orthodox churches, ornate art nouveau buildings and Soviet Modernist structures is slowly climbing up the ranks when it comes to attracting tourists.

Though the average internet speed is okay at 10Mbps, the city makes up for this a “great” power grid or electricity connection. The cost of living for the nomad also sits at $1 870 (R33 934) a month.

Penang, Malaysia

From colonial architecture to Chinese buildings, Penang is a melting pot of cultures. Picture: Unsplash

Penang is known for its dramatic landscapes, beautiful beaches and colonial architecture. As a multiracial capital of Malaysia, the island has some of the most mouthwatering cuisine on the planet. It has the lowest cost of living on the list sitting at $986 (R17 888) a month. The average internet speed sit at 13Mbps and the city’s hospitals are well rated.

Wrocław, Poland

Old Town in is lined with elegant townhouses steeped in rich history. Picture: Unsplash

This Polish city is known for its Market Square, lined with elegant townhouses and featuring a modern fountain. Also on the square is the Gothic Old Town Hall, with its large astronomical clock.

The average internet speed is 34Mbps and the cost of living for nomads is $1 912 (R34 687) a month. It’s a city that is slowly becoming a favourite among travellers.

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