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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Why not start planning your December trip now? Here are 5 reasons to visit Thailand

Thailand boasts beautiful architecture. Picture: Tatiana, pexels

Thailand boasts beautiful architecture. Picture: Tatiana, pexels

Published Jul 27, 2022


With its fun-filled resort activities, opportunities to relax and unwind, and fully equipped accommodation options.

While travelling with the whole family is rewarding, post-pandemic travel has added a new dynamic to the tourism experience, which comes with new obstacles.

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With some pre-planning and a good checklist of things to do, you can make the most of your time in Thailand with children, seniors, and everyone in between.

This is according to Sadudee Sangnil, director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, who says the country has gone the extra mile to serve the needs of travel groups and to make travel in Thailand convenient and safe.

South Africans travelling to Thailand will no longer need a Thailand Pass or health insurance. Instead, to travel to Thailand the only requirement now is a vaccine certificate or a PCR test.

Below, Sangnil shares a few reasons why Thailand is the perfect destination for a family holiday :

Explore Thai coastlines through snorkelling

Is there a better place to go snorkelling with the family than in a country that boasts crystal-clear coastlines and breathtaking oceans. This underwater experience introduces everyone to fish species that can be witnessed while taking a deep dive under Thai waters with scattered reefs and rocks.

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Explore Thai waters with different fish species, scattered reefs and rocks. Picture: Bagus Tri Kuncoro J from Pexels

Night markets

A single walk down Thailand’s night markets is an adventure on its own as it’s full of tasty treats and traditional Thai street food, such as; deep-fried grasshoppers and crickets.

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Food is a big part of Thai culture, and night markets, specifically, offer an abundance of delicious, traditional fare, such as pad Thai, Som Tam and spring rolls. These markets also present an opportunity for kids to try some new food.

Night markets in Thailand. Picture: David Egon, Pexels

Visit temples

Thailand isn’t just a great vacation spot; it also presents many learning opportunities for the young and old. If you’re travelling with kids, you might find it valuable to include an educational component to your vacation – cultural and historical landmarks are perfect opportunities to learn something new.

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Thailand has about 34 000 Buddhist temples. Picture: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

Visit rice farm

Thailand offers many farms where kids can feed animals, harvest vegetables, collect eggs, swim in creeks and more. One that sticks out is the Rice Farm, where visitors can join a local farmer to explore the Nakhon Pathom rice paddy.

Nakhon Pathom rice paddy. Picture: Tom Fisk, pexels

During their visit, guests will learn about the daily life of rice farmers as well as tour the paddies in a local tractor and taste organic rice that forms a big part of the Thai diet. Visitors can also mill, and winnow rice using traditional methods and take home their self-processed rice.

A traditional homestay

Ring in Thai culture. Picture: Sippakorn Yamkasikorn, pexels

There’s no better way to end a trip than by immersing the whole family in Thai culture through a traditional homestay with indigenous tribes (such as the Karen people) who have made the surrounding mountainous countryside their homes.

While you will get the chance to experience this region through traditional drinks and food, walking between villages to meet more locals will teach everyone about the history, and deep-rooted cultures.