WATCH: TikToker calls out those who mock tourists for wearing berets in Paris

Picture: Jose D´Alessandro/Pexels

Picture: Jose D´Alessandro/Pexels

Published Jan 11, 2023


Let’s face it, Paris has some or other time been on the travel bucket list.

The gorgeous architecture, delicious food, and romantic scenery; have everyone in a chokehold.

Just recently, research revealed that people are now searching ‘Paris holidays’ more than ever before just based on a popular Netflix series Emily in Paris.

However, just like any other destination, all is not sunshine and rainbows.

A TikToker named Nuttybutter96 posted a video where she calls out people who mock and humiliate tourists looking to embrace the culture in that specific destination.

After all, one of the reasons why many choose to travel is based on wanting to explore the various cultures across the globe.

@nuttybutter96 #greenscreen dont shame tourists who go to your country, spend money and boost your economy. #fyp #europe #france #berets #beret #beautiful #culture #tourist #europetrip #eurotrip #travel ♬ original sound - Nuttybutter🧈

‘’Did you guys see this video? where Parisians making fun of tourist wearing berets in Paris,’’ she said.

She further explains that she’s not sure why people would choose to bully others when the berets are sold almost all around Paris for people to embrace.

The mockers would video tourists who is seen wearing the berets, with mean hashtags, such as; #cringe, #stereotypes, #ugly and #false.

The Tiktoker then asks, ‘’Why are you guys like this?’’

Viewers had a lot to say about Paris, one user wrote: ‘’No desire to go to Paris.

“Too many horrible stories on how tourists are treated. I would go to France and see the countryside. Cities are overrated’’

‘’No desire to go to Paris. Too many horrible stories on how tourists are treated.’’

‘’My mom was so sad after her trip to Paris.

“She had wanted to go for years, but the main thing she recalled from her trip is how mean they were to her.’’

Seems as though not many are happy about their experiences in Paris.

The TikToker highlighted the fact that locals should allow tourists to enjoy and embrace the various cultures, instead of bullying them for it.

Is Paris still on your travel bucket list?