This is how Checkers became the official supplier of PRIME Hydration drink that sent shoppers into a frenzy

Shoppers flocked to Checkers stores this past weekend to get their hands on the PRIME Hydration drinks. Image: Supplied.

Shoppers flocked to Checkers stores this past weekend to get their hands on the PRIME Hydration drinks. Image: Supplied.

Published May 2, 2023


The country was sent into a frenzy this past weekend as droves of shoppers flocked to Checkers stores just to get their hands on the viral sensation PRIME drink.

Last week, the retail giant announced that it will be stocking the internet sensation PRIME Hydration drinks at its stores.

A bottle of the drink costs R39.99, with Checkers confirmed as the official South African retail partner.

PRIME has become an international viral sensation following its hugely successful launch in January 2022 by YouTube sensations Logan Paul and KSI, who, combined, boast around 100 million social media followers.

Initially, due to the drink’s massive popularity in South Africa, supply and demand went through the roof, with some retailers selling the drink at R479 a bottle.

In comparison, in the US, at the same time, it sold for $2 a bottle, about R37.

Checkers said it was launching with four PRIME Hydration flavours: Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime and Tropical Punch.

First launched in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia in 2022, PRIME's availability caused major excitement amongst Gen Z customers, resulting in thousands lining up overnight to get their hands on the popular drink, which has now become a viral collector’s item around the world.

Thousands of shoppers visited Checkers stores over the weekend, with the product being sold out as consumers went crazy for the item.

Almost every social media channel in the country was flooded with posts about the drink.

On Monday, the Cape Times reported that advance orders of the drink taking the country by storm, Prime Hydration, sold out within one-and-a-half hours on Checkers Sixty60.

Following the launch of the drink, Checkers said, “The launch of PRIME Hydration at Checkers stores across South Africa was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from customers.”

With demand being so high for the product around the globe, Checkers spotted the gap in the South African market for the product and said they started negotiations to start selling PRIME Hydration in the country early this year.

Checkers told Business Report on Tuesday, “Checkers will always be guided what customers want and started negotiating directly with PRIME’s suppliers in the United States early this year to secure large volumes of stock. This, combined with its established distribution and freight networks, enabled Checkers to bring PRIME Hydration to South African consumers at supermarket prices.”

“Except for a few stores, most Checkers supermarkets still have sufficient stock of the worldwide drink phenomenon. Purchases are limited to eight per customer, two per flavour,” the retailer added.

Take a look at some of the posts from Twitter about the PRIME drink below:

— Checkers (@CheckersSA) May 1, 2023
— 💿Ntobeko Mogadime (@ntobza2) May 1, 2023

Below is a taste test done on TikTok by influencer Sed Pillay:

@sedpillay It’s PRIME TIME South Africa!!! #prime #loganpaul #ksi #tastetest #southafrica #mzansi #levelup #durban #joburg #capetown #checkers #tiktoksouthafrica #tiktoksa #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - ”