DJ Zinhle deals with trolls through prayer and limited exposure to social media

DJ Zinhle. Picture: Supplied

DJ Zinhle. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 5, 2022


DJ Zinhle is known for having zero tolerance for trolls on Twitter. Over the years, she’s constantly hit back at them, making it clear that she won’t sit back and let people say whatever they want about her.

Lately though, the 38-year-old DJ and businesswoman has been relatively low-key.

In an interview this week, I asked the "Umilo“ hitmaker how she navigates through all the scrutiny she faces on social media.

“I think the best thing that’s helped me is just removing myself and also just praying,” she said.

“I’m in a space where I’m, like, my biggest thing is no disruptions.

“I am at a point of creation in my life with the business we do, with the music, with my kids and with my husband. I feel anything that moves my emotions, especially in a negative way, should not get my attention because I don’t want those disruptions.

“So I really try to limit my exposure to social media in that way,” she said.

Three weeks ago, Zinhle released her new single titled “Ngisimamise” alongside Mvzzle and Sindi Nkosazana.

Having promised her fans a new album for years now, I asked her if this single is potentially leading towards one.

“No, I no longer promise any albums anymore because I’ve been promising people a full album since I last released a full album in 2009. So, no more,” she said.

The artist said that she doesn’t feel like she can commit to an album at the moment because of her busy schedule.

“I would really love to get to a space where I can take time off all the other work and just focus on music. Music is so demanding, I don’t think people understand that. Maybe one day I’ll have enough time,” she said.