Dr Musa jumps on amusing Liesl Laurie memes: ‘Anything for my girl’

Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni and Dr Musa Mthombeni. Picture: Instagram

Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni and Dr Musa Mthombeni. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 4, 2023


One thing about Dr Musa Mthombeni, he loves his woman unapologetically loudly.

Ever since tying the knot with former Miss SA Liesl Laurie in 2021, he’s been very vocal about his feelings for his wife on social media, sometimes to the couple’s detriment.

Often times, they’ve found themselves the target of online bullies wishing for their break-up.

And then there are the memes. Their relationship has given enough fodder for hilarious hot takes, and one thing about South Africans, we like a good joke.

This time didn’t prove any different.

It started with a screenshot shared by X user @danielmarven, showing Mthombeni’s comments on his wife’s Instagram post, one of them asking her to "make me a father.“

It didn’t take long for the jokes to flood in, especially when it came to a certain meme that even got Dr Musa’s attention.

Posting an imaginary conversation between the good doctor and Laurie, it showed a man doing Kung Fu kicks in response to her saying, “Babes I love Kung Fu.”

The post poked fun at how far Mthombeni would go to keep his bae happy, and he jokingly responded with, “Anything for my girl hey, anything.”

Check out some of the best memes we’ve found this far:

Our favourite by far is a meme in reference to the soaring cost of eggs in South Africa due to the outbreak of Avian flu.