WATCH: Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni shares the high-maintenance things she does to stay low-maintenance

Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni. Picture: TikTok

Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni. Picture: TikTok

Published Jul 4, 2023


Being a woman and keeping up your beauty standards can be high maintenance, but if done correctly, it all pays off in the long run.

Former Miss South Africa winner Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni took to TikTok to share the high-maintenance things she does in order to stay low-maintenance from day to day.

She starts off by sharing that she has her nails done every three weeks.

“I’ve fallen in love with this almond shape,” she commented as she shows off a fresh set.

She has a pedicure done at the same time.

Next up are her eyebrows. We all know how important great brows are. She has them threaded every four to six weeks as well as laminated and tinted at the same appointment.

“I feel like this keeps my brows looking fresh and clean, even on the days where I’m wearing very minimal make-up,” said the model.

Her next tip is on hair removal.

“I go to Dermology for the laser. I’ve done my underarms. Currently doing my arms, done my legs as well as my intimates. It’s so important. Absolutely love it. Just look at those underarms,” she said as she showed how they do laser hair removal on her underarms.

Dental hygiene is at the top of her list as well. She goes to her dentist every six to eight months just to check on her teeth to see what needs to be done, including checking if she needs to have teeth whitening done.

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At the end of the clip, she added that she occasionally has a wig installed for a couple of days.

“It just keeps me looking glam and fun and cute and hot when I’m out.”