Jay Jody shares how he and A-Reece left Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2017

Jay Jody and Zingah. Picture: Instagram

Jay Jody and Zingah. Picture: Instagram

Published May 12, 2023


Jay Jody has had one hell of a roller-coaster ride over the past decade.

The rapper first exploded on to the scene in 2014 as part of the rap duo B3nchMarQ, after signing to the freshly launched independent record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment.

After a successful initial run at the label alongside the likes of Emtee, Fifi Cooper and A-Reece, who is his baby brother, Jody and several of the label’s most prominent artists decided to quit the label in 2017 after a highly publicised dispute.

While he’s previously been relatively coy about the background behind his exit, Jody shared some of the details around his controversial exit during an interview on Zingah’s “Choppin It” podcast.

Watch the video:

“2017 now we say we going on our own,” he started. “Risky, very risky, because what’s the plan? We have it, but how sure are we that it’s gonna work?”

“We made the decision in the club. We were in the club, we made the decision.” After Zingah asked what sparked the decision, Jody explained: “I don’t know what n****s were feeling… Tkay was all in there too like, ‘Let’s just trust ourselves’.”

Earlier in the interview, Jody spoke on the work that it took for him to get into the cool, calm and controlled space that he’s in after all the difficulties he went through post-Ambitiouz.

“I would say (it started) when I was at my lowest. Usually that’s where the lessons come about.”

“That’s when you realise who you are, that’s when your character is put under a spotlight – when you’re down, when things are not working out, n****s aint tryna book you, n****s aint trying to feature you, n****s aint trying to do anything with you, they forgot you.”

In the interview he also shared on his journey after rebranding himself, on uniting with some of his closest friends and family to launch Revenge Club Records last year, and his plans for the future.