Jimmy Nevis shares confessions in his latest single ‘FBA’

Jimmy Nevis. Picture: Jarryd Kleinhans

Jimmy Nevis. Picture: Jarryd Kleinhans

Published Jan 16, 2023


2023 kicked off with a bang when R&B hitmaker Jimmy Nevis announced the release of his latest album, “Things We Don’t Talk About”.

Nevis, whose real name is Matthew Peter le Roux, recently released his third single to come off the album. The latest single called “F*ck Boys Anonymous – FBA”, released on January 13, is part of the fourth studio album.

Album cover: Things We Don’t Talk About. Picture: Supplied

Nevis released singles “AYO” and “Touch Me” towards the end of 2022 as the first two singles from his forthcoming album.

But fans were most moved by the “FBA” single which served raw emotion and daring lyrics as never heard before, revealing a more bolder side of Nevis.

He said: “FBA is a song that I wrote for myself – it started off as a joke. I never thought I would have the balls to release it, but here we are.

“So, I guess this song represents bravery, artistry and just a newfound boldness in my journey thus far.

“The song was inspired by my experience with someone I was dating, and then realising that I was kinda the problem as well.

“The song is a conceptual track that aims to put all f*ck boys in a support group where they can learn better skills and almost graduate into becoming better human beings.”

Nevis says the song isn’t limited to one gender but identifies as a culture.

“Even though the term ‘f*ckboy’ was created towards men, the term goes for any gendered person who adopts f*ck boy culture.

“I almost wrote this as a story in my head, but it’s also just a comment on current dating culture.

“Sonically, the song has many influences from gospel to pop, and even has a live horn section in it which kinda makes it feel like a musical number.”

Nevis is excited for fans to hear the complete body of work. “I usually keep all my confessions for the stage, but I thought I’d bring it into the studio this time.

“I’ve never really cared about what people thought of me, but I do feel a new wave of confidence and bravery coming through this era in my music. I hope it allows me to grow and dig even deeper into myself as an artist.”