Lady Zamar announces new single, speaks out on being ‘cancelled’ after Sjava rape accusations

Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 24, 2023


In support of the release of her upcoming single, 'Castles’, which drops on Friday, Lady Zamar sat down with DJ Sabby on Metro FM to speak about her comeback single.

She also spoke on why she’s been so vocal on social media lately, explaining that she feels public figures have a responsibility to speak openly. “We owe the public… public figures are supposed to service the public.

“There are issues that pertain to us that I feel like because of the celebrity’ness of it all, our organisations and our management don’t necessarily see the value of breaking things down in public.”

Metro FM shared a snippet of the interview: “I have something to say and I feel the need to say it in a way I would understand" - @lady_zamar. Incase you missed it : https:|/ interview-lady-zamar #BreakfastPopin #BestMornings”

Wednesday also saw the release of Zamar’s episode on the Showmax Original series ‘Unfollowed’.

The show interviews public figures who were “cancelled” on social media and lets the viewer decide if the treatment in each case was deserved.

Zamar infamously accused Sjava of sexually assaulting her back in 2017.

Sjava maintained his innocence throughout the drama around the incident and The National Prosecuting Authority declined to prosecute, citing insufficient evidence.

Despite this, the backlash continued online.

“It was shocking, really, how my narrative, and my story, and my reality became a focal point of entertainment,” said Zamar on ‘Unfollowed’.

“It was horrific, to just be in a constant state of being reminded of this thing all the time. I struggled to walk away from it because I constantly blamed myself.”

Zamar also spoke on how she wound up in a long-term relationship that she claims began in rape, and why it took her so long to accept what had happened to her and speak out.

“I come from a very religious background, and I was taught not to be alone with men," she said.

“The very first day, I felt like it was my fault. And so I felt like I had no leg to stand on… I struggled to walk away from it because I constantly blamed myself.”