Lady Zamar assures fans she will be okay after alarming tweet: ‘No matter the weapon, it will not prosper’

Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 18, 2023


A day after she shared a pair of alarming tweets, including one of a noose, Lady Zamar returned to the social media platform to appease her fans’ worries by sharing a post that suggested that she was in a positive state of mind.

“You will be okay,” she tweeted. “no matter how long it takes, no matter how many battles you need to fight, trust me; you will be okay.”

She went on to quote a passage from “Better,” Kirk Franklin’s 2005 single. “‘count it all joy, always remember. life will get better, it's gonna get better. no matter the weapon, it will not prosper. things will get better, it's gonna get better.”

— Lady Zamar (@Lady_Zamar) July 18, 2023

These posts come after the 36-year-old reignited the fury of tweeps who believe she falsely accused Sjava of sexual assault after taking a jab at men when she tweeted, “Your job as a man is to make sure she never needs another man again.”

She doubled down on this post a short while later when she added, “Your ‘minimum level of unhappiness’ is their ‘maximum effort in the relationship’ for so many men.”

As tweeps came after the “Collide” hitmaker, she expressed her frustration and anger at the constant scrutiny she’s been under over the past few years with a lengthy post.

“After you’ve commented on my stuff and said the most vile and evil tweets, what do you hope to achieve with it,” it read. “Do you want me to kill myself, do you want me to die, be murdered, go to jail to make you guys happy?”

This time around, many fans shared supportive messages with her:

“Hang in there,” commented @dividendincome. “No matter the storms you face or the battles you fight, remember that strength lies within you. Keep pushing forward, because I believe in your resilience. You will be okay, no matter how long it takes.”

— Dividends Growth Hustler (@DividendIncome_) July 18, 2023

@sandilekamsibi said, “Relax: Even Jesus couldn’t win everyone’s hearts and trust me that guy is rumoured to be the son of the creator of the universe. Focus on the people who care & leave twitter for a second. Post & ignore. Just like Jesus.”

@dividentincome added, “Embrace the challenges, for joy awaits. Believe in better days, as troubles fade away. No weapon, no obstacle shall win. Embrace the promise, for a brighter future begins. Keep the faith, it's gonna get better.”