LOOK: ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ former star Mabusi Seme turns ‘Mabusi vibes’ into a business opportunity

Mabusi Seme. Picture: Instagram

Mabusi Seme. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 29, 2023


Mabusi Seme did not return to season three of “The Real Housewives of Durban“ but she was certainly a hot topic.

Mabusi was a friend of the cast from season one. Viewers were introduced to her as a friend of Nonku Williams, but she denied being her friend on several occasions.

In a statement at the time Mabusi wished the cast the best for the new season: “I wish the ladies (old and new) a splendid season 3. I cannot wait to view it from the other side, along with my supportive, loyal followers that I gained in season 1 and season 2!”

While on the reality show, Mabusi formed a friendship with Nonkanyiso Conco (LaConco), who has also left, too.

This season, Mabusi became a talking point after her ex-friend Nonku said that newcomer Mbali Ngiba was giving her "Mabusi vibes".

The phrase “Mabusi vibes” had the cast and viewers all wondering what Mabusi vibes exactly meant. While viewers were pondering over it, the former reality TV star has tapped into the business opportunity with that very famous saying.

The businesswoman took to her Instagram account to debut her T-shirt merchandise written “Mabusi vibes”.

Seems Mabusi is following in the steps of her friend Nonkanyiso Conco, better known as Laconco, who also sells T-shirts of her famous quotables, such as “Google me” and “Mnge”.

She posted pictures of herself dressed in the Mabusi vibes T-shirt and informed her followers where they would be able to purchase it.