Lynn Forbes: ‘There might be an arrest but whether we find the person who paid for that bullet, that one I’m not sure about’

There are new developments in the murder investigation of slain rapper Aka. And his mother is still not convinced the real culprit will be held accountable.

Late rapper, AKA. Picture: Instagram

Published May 16, 2023


In a recent interview on “The Carol Ofori Podcast”, Lynn Forbes poured her heart out about her late son, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

AKA was murdered in Durban in February outside Wish Restaurant in Florida Road. Investigations are still ongoing.

When asked how she was doing, she said: “To be honest, I’m in a good space, but I have very bad moments ... As a family we are getting through the days.

“I do realise that my life has forever changed and that I would forever be a different person. I would never be the ‘Glammy’ or the Lynn that everybody knows ... a part of me has been removed forever.”

Describing the morning of February 10, before AKA’s death, Forbes said it was a “beautiful morning”.

“Kiaro and myself finished spending a week at Kiernan’s, she was going back to stay with her mom. He spent the morning having breakfast with her, they were laughing. He told her that ‘daddy’s going to miss you, always remember daddy loves you’.

“He asked if he would see me again before leaving for Durban and I said, ‘I don’t think so’. Then he said, ‘Then I won’t see you again’, and gave me a big hug and blew us some kisses as we drove off,” she shared.

Lynn Forbes with her son Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes. Picture: Instagram

When she got the news about his death, she described how her body tried to protect her from what she was hearing.

“I was on my knees on the floor. My sister tried to console me, but I din’t even want that. It’s the most devastating thing you can hear as a mother.

“I’ve lost many people. During Covid I lost my dad, two sisters, my grandmother, four uncles and I never could have been prepared for that pain.

“I don’t think it sunk in until the next day, that he was gone ... I just know that I’ve never felt pain like that ever in my life,” she said.

On the video of the shooting going viral, she said: “The video itself, I think it’s the most inhumane thing anybody can do. I think that people don’t understand that sharing or leaking a video like that, the devastation it causes for the family and it is so insensitive.”

Updating listeners on the status of the investigation, Forbes said that police are keeping them updated but nothing more has come to light.

She mentioned that with it being a high-profile case, it was best if they ‘knew less’ so that it would not jeopardise the case.

Forbes said that she believes that finding AKA’s killer won’t bring her closure.

“I don’t believe that the person who pulled the trigger hated my son ... He was just doing a job. We might have an arrest on the person who pulled the trigger, but whether we find the person who paid for that bullet, that one I’m not sure about,” she said.

About whether she will visit Durban, she told Ofori that she didn’t hate the city, but needed time.

“I don’t believe I would never go back to Durban again. I think it’s natural at the moment. I have no desire to go to Durban at the moment. What I do have a desire for, and it’s not about Durban, but I think getting on a plane to Durban will just open up so much, it will be just so much.

“So it’s not Durban as a place, it’s not Durban as people, I think Kiernan loved Durban, his fan base is there, and the Megacy is alive in Durban,” she said.

She also expressed how she yearned to visit the spot where AKA took his last breath.

“One of the yearnings I have is to stand in the spot where he died, and just be there. I know his soul is not there any more and his body is not there any more, but that is the last place where he was alive,” she said.