Mörda drops a spicy reaction to video of him crying during a performance



Published May 24, 2023


DJ and music producer Bongani Mohosana, aka Murdah Bongz/Mörda, has social media users’ tongues wagging after a recent video of himself in tears surfaced online.

In the clip, Mörda is seen with tears streaming down his face as the song “Rainbow” by Black Motion, featuring Xoli M, played during his set.

“Rainbow” is one of the group’s biggest songs that they released.

The video, of course, had social media users tweeting and commenting about Mörda being so emotional during the set, especially as that particular song played, with many concluding that the breakup was getting to him.

As the video started circulating and gaining traction online, Mörda commented on The Hype Collector’s Instagram post, letting everyone know that the tears were of “joy and freedom”.

He even shared the post on his Instagram stories and wrote, “tears of joy & freedom”. Whether they’re really tears of joy and freedom only Mörda knows, but he is seemingly over the split.

Mörda responds to a video circulating of himself crying during a performance. Picture: Instagram screenshot

His latest Reel caption insinuates that he won’t be going back to Black Motion any time soon. “Does it look like I need to go back over here? #tearsofjoyandfreedom.”

Black Motion, founded by Thabo Mabogwane, aka Smol, and Mörda, has unfortunately had quite the messy breakup.

The group, who once had the country in a chokehold with their music and brotherhood, are no more. Mörda has since left the fold to pursue a solo career and been replaced by Problem Child Ten83.

Things between Mörda and Smol got so bad that the matter even headed to court, where Mörda was ordered to replace Black Motion’s studio equipment.

“The respondent is to restore possession of the recording studio apparatus (listed in annexure A of the court order) to the applicant by no later than Friday, 13 January 2023 at 17:00,” read the court order posted on Black Motion’s social media.