Msaki speaks on Smash Afrika affair claim: ‘I don’t have anything to do with that relationship ending’

Msaki. Picture: Instagram

Msaki. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 21, 2023


Award-winning Afropop musician Asanda “Msaki” Mvana last year found herself trending following a report by “Sunday World” that she was involved in an extramarital affair with 5FM and Massive Music presenter Smash Afrika.

At the time, Msaki indirectly responded to the claims on Twitter, brushing them off, but now she has addressed them directly in an interview on “Podcast and Chill with MacG”.

According to the newspaper report, “Smash Afrika’s wife, Kefiloe Chuene, has accused him of cheating on her with Msaki after she stumbled upon a picture of the 5FM presenter giving the musician a kiss.”

The report alleged that Chuene had also found several letters written by the singer expressing her undying love to the radio presenter.

Speaking to MacG and Sol, Msaki was at first was hesitant to discuss the allegations, but did share that there are elements of being a “celebrity” that she is not fond of.

Msaki revealed that she struggled with the public perception that her workspace could be tainted by certain things. While she understands that it comes with her job, she doesn't like the public judgement that comes with it.

Late last year she announced that she would be taking a break from social media and MacG wasted no time in asking if the reaction to the alleged affair with Afrika was the reason.

Msaki shared that she was trying to find a balance between being a musician and the fame that came with her career.

The “Ubomi Abunnanga” hitmaker said she had now been reduced to a “homewrecker” thanks to the tabloid reports and that had prompted her to take a break from the social media space.

Msaki said she had nothing to do with Afrika’s marriage coming to an end and said her name was used to drive publicity around the failed marriage.

“The point is that like you’re in the space and things that are a gross violation of people’s privacy become people’s business, you know. It’s just a story of a relationship ending. I don't have anything to do with that relationship ending but I’m dragged in,” she said.

Msaki said it wasn’t her story and she would have expected the person to whom the story belonged to clear things up.

As for where things stand between Msaki and Afrika, she said she still felt he could have done something to clear things up but she understood where he was coming from.

At present, they aren’t speaking the way they used to.

Watch the full interview below: