Risqué act on ‘Podcast and Chill’ leaves Mzansi hot and bothered

MacG. Picture: Screenshot Instagram

MacG. Picture: Screenshot Instagram

Published May 20, 2023


It’s 2023 and by now nothing anybody does on the internet shocks us – or so we thought.

Recently, “Podcast and Chill” hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka took viewers by surprise when they asked their podcast guest, well-known South African adult content creator Wandi Ndlovu, to give someone in the studio a blowjob.

They quickly sent her a R1 500 e-wallet, and then off she went, but that’s the least surprising part.

MacG and Phenduka mic’d up Simphiwe so that the rest of the team and viewers could listen in on the sex act taking place in the bathroom.

It’s a well-known fact that Ndlovu is very open about her career as a sex worker, but exploiting the fact that she’s willing to do the blow job right then and there is a new kind of low even for MacG and Phenduka, who cheered her on and then laughed upon hearing the audio.

Over the years, the podcast has done some outrageous things. One time MacG was surprised by strippers for his birthday – a gift from his baby mama.

But the pair’s recent shenanigan has sparked controversy on social media.

@ThisIsColbert posted a short clip of the podcast with the tweet, “[WILD] | #PodcastAndChill 😳😳

“Live 📍 in Mashabela Studios, MacG ewallet's pornster, Wandi Ndlovu R1500 to give Simphiwe a blowjob, no visuals, only audio. Unreal🙆‍♀️.”

Some tweeps said that they loved the boundaries being pushed, while others could not believe that this is what the world has come too.

@FakeAno tweeted: “Is this real life?”

@jennymivanoo commented: “I mean we watching shows that show sex scenes life it’s unpleasant to say the least. But let’s not act woke and shocked over an audio.”

@Gqama_September said: “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaitttttttt 😭😭😭😭😩😩 Haibo Haibo haibooooooooooooooooooooo in a room full of everyone like phambkwabantu??”

— Spura Maluda ✨ (@Gqama_September) May 18, 2023

@LwandleEL said: “I’m definitely not woke shem. Sexual activities will always be private for me. I do however understand that our generation gets easily hooked on this.”