Robot Boii on what he and Mpho Popps hope to achieve with ‘Popcorn and Cheese’ podcast

Robot Boii and Mpho Popps. Picture: Instagram

Robot Boii and Mpho Popps. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 14, 2023


Multi-talented entertainer and artist Robot Boii (real name Mzwakhe Mbuli Junior) and comedian and presenter Mpho Popps Modikoane have teamed up to launch their own podcast, “Popcorn and Cheese”.

The pair announced that they were venturing into podcasting last week, on their respective social media platforms.

“Popcorn and Cheese” falls under popular podcaster Macgyver Mukwevho (aka MacG), who is better known for his “Podcast and Chill” offering.

Popps and Boii are no strangers to working with each other, they previously did the most when they hosted night one of the 28th South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

The two were a true pleasure to watch as their comedic energy flowed.

When “Podcast and Chill” co-host Sol Phenduka was ill, all-round entertainer Popps stepped in and was a complete hit with chillers.

Boii told IOL Entertainment that when he watched that episode, he felt that Popps could also fill in for MacG.

“A thought came into my mind that if he fills in for Mac, then who fills in for Sol? Then I thought, I could fill in for Sol.

“Popps and I already have that friendship, that unity and synergy.

“That’s how the idea came about and we first decided to fill in for the both of them in a December episode and create our own type of thing, that is like there’s but more light hearted, humour relief, motivational and more safer,” he shared.

Popps and Boii have already set high goals for themselves, aiming for a million subscribers with their show.

Boii shared that they hoped to achieve the same amount of views as “Podcast and Chill” but they will also provide a balance for people who are afraid to be on the podcast that is known to be controversial.

“Just hear success stories and interview people that have humorous characters and are really funny in real life, so that our audience can have a good laugh while learning something too.”

Episodes of “Popcorn and Cheese” drop every Wednesday at 3pm on YouTube.