‘Scandal!’ responds to Nomvelo Makhanya's 'toxic environment' claims

Nomvelo Makhanya. Picture: Instagram

Nomvelo Makhanya. Picture: Instagram

Published Dec 5, 2022


Award-winning actress Nomvelo Makhanya has spilled the beans on e.tv’s “Scandal!“ following her recent exit from the show.

Taking to her Instagram Live, the actress detailed what it was like working on the popular weekday series.

Her character Lindiwe Maseko- Ngema exited the show on November 10, and according to Makhanya, she didn’t have a choice.

“I've been the one that's been catching all the f***en smoke. It wasn't me, guys. It wasn't my choice. They wrote me off. That's the truth. It was God's plan, though. I'm going to tell you that for real,” she said in the video.

Makhanya labelled her former work environment as “toxic” and revealed that if she had still been there, it would have driven her to “suicide”.

“I've been praying. I've been wanting to leave that place. It was something I had really been praying about, so when it finally happened, it really felt like God was removing me from the toxic environment.

“I probably would have killed myself. There was a 90% chance. That's how toxic that place was,” she said.

In a statement sent to IOL Entertainment in response to the allegations made by Makhanya, e.tv’s “Scandal!” production said that the production was “unaware“ that the workplace had become a ”toxic environment for the actor.

"As a production, we've always communicated an open door policy for all our cast and crew for any matter or situation, whether it being professional or personal.

“To our knowledge, as a production, we've had a great run of ten years with the actor Nomvelo Makhanya, and we appreciate the work she put in on her character as Lindiwe Maseko-Ngema.

“The exit of the Lindiwe Maseko was purely dictated by the story. The character had run its course on the show and, therefore, as the producers and writing team of the show, we ended the character journey to allow us opportunities to explore other avenues as storytellers.”

The statement read that an ending of a character is always bitter-sweet, but it gives them an opportunity for new story-lines and opportunities for other cast members.

“Ending characters is always bitter-sweet for us as production, especially with an actor like Nomvelo Makhanya, because she grew up in the show, but it also gives us opportunity for new stories for the future and new opportunities for remaining cast members.”

Social media users have weighed in on the "scandal“.

@smith_tshepi tweeted: "You never do that to your former employer. No matter how toxic the situation was."

— ☠ 𝒮𝓂𝒾𝓉𝒽 💙🖤🏴‍☠️ (@smith_tshepi) December 2, 2022

@MpofuNancy tweeted: "But that’s why the cycle never breaks, that’s why everyone will leave because of the toxicity.

“We are so used to bad treatment that when someone breaks the chain it’s always about the employer and not the person who eventually chose peace over a mere salary."

— Nene_the brave (@MpofuNancy) December 2, 2022

@BMKekana tweeted: "I feel like she is speaking out because of this narrative going around that she left because of a boyfriend so she has to protect her reputation and set the record straight honestly."

@King_Snoo tweeted: "Then when people kill themselves yall always be like " haa but everything was going so well for her, why didn't she say anything."