Scumie slams Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest for non-payment, describes African Throne tour as a ‘scam’

Scumie says she hasn’t received payment for African Throne tour performance. Picture: Instagram/@scumie

Scumie says she hasn’t received payment for African Throne tour performance. Picture: Instagram/@scumie

Published Nov 24, 2023


Up-and-coming local rapper Scumie shocked Mzansi when she took to X (formerly Twitter) to drop the bombshell that she had not yet been paid for her performance at the African Throne tour.

Scumie was among a long list of performers at the tour finale at Mary Fitzgerald Square on October 28.

She claims that she signed a contact that stipulated that she would be paid seven days after the performance, meaning that the payment is now weeks overdue.

“That Nasty C and Cassper tour is such a scam,” she posted.

“I performed there, signed a contract saying payment will be made 7 days after performance, it’s been a month and I haven’t received anything. Idc abt it but I won’t work hard for something only for it to be undermined. Trash ppl.”

After some X users asked her why she was airing her grievances instead of contacting them directly, she added, “As long as I get what I worked for. Ngeke ngizwe ngani. Goodnight bo baby love ya. And why would I tweet this if I hadn’t reached out for over a month? Relax.”

The comments on her posts have been a mix of both ridicule towards her and criticism of the two rappers concerning the allegations.

“Famo you had to reach out to them in private isn't on bring it here cause social media will turn your story into something else,” commented @jaypee_tatworld.

Scumie responded, “Heban, reaching out for over a month and nothing is being done? As long as the 2 big bosses called my camp, my job here is done.”

— TRAPSTAR (@scumie_) November 22, 2023

@gynieo1 also chimed in, “People call out Oscar mbo every little chance whenever promoter wants their refund. But today it's people's favourites who did not pay an artists...the artists is wrong for demanding his money. The double standards in this country. I hope they pay you bro. Sorry.”

@peter_shumbaa shared his support for Scumie. “Dope initiative on you calling them out. Nowadays this is the lingo companies/businesses understand. But nonetheless if you had signed a contract you could've told your management to sue. Here your efforts will just go down the drain. (I mean well).”

A rep for Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest did not immediately respond to IOL Entertainment’s request for comment.

Meanwhile, the artists recently announced that the second phase of the tour would commence in 2024 in the US, UAE and Europe.