WATCH: Clip from 2018 shows DJ Sbu predicting MacG would reach 1 million subscribers by 2022

DJ Sbu and MacG. Picture: YouTube

DJ Sbu and MacG. Picture: YouTube

Published Aug 5, 2023


DJ Sbu opened the latest episode of his podcast, ‘The Hustlers Corner SA’, by reflecting on some of the discussions he’d had with MacG in the early days of ‘Podcast and Chill with MacG’.

The new episode, which was shot at the Sun Bet Arena in Pretoria over the weekend as MacG and his team celebrated reaching one million subscribers on YouTube, opened with the veteran DJ passionately proclaiming that MacG would achieve massive success as the two sat together for an interview on his Massive Music platform back in 2018.

“The audience may be a hundred. The same audience in 6 months is gonna be a thousand, the same in another year is gonna be ten thousand, in another year a hundred thousand,” he said.

“The same audience on YouTube by 2022 is a million, you’ve got a million subscribers. Now brands are coming to you. You don’t have any funding, this is the little you’ve got. This is the exact same thing I did.”

The video then cuts to a clip from two years ago when the two caught up again. “It’s working out for you, I can see your views, I can see your subscribers are growing all the time, and I can see the love and support you’re getting from the nation,” said DJ Sbu.

“You’re actually probably not making money at all now, but I like the fact that you’ve got a long game in your mind. You’ve got a vision. Because trust me, I’m guaranteeing it, before the end of this year you’re gonna start making money from this podcast.

“And I’m definitely sure by this time next year you’re gonna be making more. And more and more. It’s just gonna keep growing every year because finally the wake up call has hit everybody.”

Since that first episode back in 2018, MacG has credited his link up with DJ Sbu as giving him a new lease on life and publicly thanked him for encouraging him when he contemplated quitting a few years ago.