WATCH: Gigi Lamayne gets candid on her ‘POV’ season 2 podcast: ‘I am submissive as f***’

Gigi Lamayne. Picture: Instagram

Gigi Lamayne. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 15, 2023


Dating in 2023 is not as easy as it was a decade ago. South African musician Gigi Lamayne puts issues affecting men, women and relationships under the spotlight in the new season of her “Point of View” podcast.

In the first episode that aired on Wednesday, June 14, the “George Goch” hitmaker and her guests, Zah, a spiritual advisor, Mbali, a panellist and artist Blaq Slim had an open discussion on how long a person’s “h*e phase” is supposed to last, SA men versus the world, slay kings, body counts and more.

On the topic of how long should a “h*e phase” last, each had their own opinions.

Then some of the guests believed that men in today’s society have gone “soft”, Lamayne said that she didn’t feel the same and shared a very interesting opinion.

“I don't think men have become soft; things have become super hard for men. Like keeping up is really hard.

“We may say that the submissive woman and the dominant man who is the head of the home and the woman the neck of the home is still a thing that exists; it isn't. Because we want to give 50/50 so hard. There's so many double standards to that.

“Do you know that the easiest way to deal with a man in society is to accuse him of beating your a** or raping you and no one wants to have that conversation. When he is done in terms of his social capital, where does he go back to?

“The truth is that the woman, especially the black woman has become the enemy of the black man because we are so quick to break down our own households and we don’t see what the issue is, and that’s why so many black men are killing themselves, because we no long protect them.

“That’s what I’m saying. So have men gone soft, no, but life has become super hard for them,” she shared.

Lamayne added that as much as she is an independent female rapper, when she goes home to her man, she is “submissive”.

“I am submissive as f***. I will wash his hands, I will cook a meal for him, I will do what needs to be done and then I can go and be a boss outside.”

Watch the full podcast below.