WATCH: Stoan Seate speaks up after he got slammed for ‘F***’ EFF statement

Stoan Seate. Picture: Instagram

Stoan Seate. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 20, 2023


Media personality and musician Stoan Seate’s controversial tweet about the EFF has left a bitter taste in many people’s mouths.

Amid the ongoing EFF’s national shutdown, which saw thousands of people take to the streets to protest against the energy crisis, while also demanding President Cyril Ramaphosa’s to resignation, Seate took to his Twitter page and wrote: “F*** EFF”.

The Bongo Maffin star was labelled a clout chaser following this controversy when he insulted the EFF on Monday morning.

“A little tender in the North West makes you swear at us for no reason? F*** you le wena Stoan. Ebile (Pluss) you can’t act,” said EFF member Naledi Chirwa.

Another EFF member and musician Ringo Madlingozi wrote: “Aw Stoan😳! I thought load shedding was your problem as well. I thought you can see that the majority of black people r still living in squalor.

“I thought their pain was your as well. What has EFF done 2 black people that you have to swear that much? Why so much self hate?”

“Stoan got Thandiswa pregnant… Men have been waiting for a day where they can hand it to him. Why did he choose my birthday to come out as a clout chaser?

“I think he needs to be left off the next Bongo Maffin album. Speedy’s towel will cover for him,” commented fellow musician Nota Baloyi.

In an attempt to put out the fire after he got dragged on the streets of Twitter, Seate shared a video clip, stating that whatever negative things that are said on social media about him do not affect him.

“They are insulting me like I’m not supposed to have an opinion in our country,” said Seate.

“Why can't people say, I respectfully disagree with you rather than insult you. Some people are attacking my career. Try something (else).

“You can’t do nothing to me. They don't call me f****** Stoan for nothing. I have a heart of steel.”

In another post he wrote: “Sticks and Stoans.”

But tweeps are shocked at the muso’s reaction because he started with the insults.

This is what tweeps had to say about Seate’s response.

@PediNostra tweeted: “No need to chase clout or force to trend just to get verified, you can now only pay R200 a month from that lotto account funds your getting.”

@MsuthuSA wrote: “Useless clip. You insulted the EFF. That meant everyone who supports what the EFF is doing caught fire. Remember the EFF is fighting for electricity and accountability - things that are compromising our economy and judiciary,”

@josifundza added: “Must be nice being relevant again - ride the wave brother 😂”