WATCH: Tol Ass Mo shocks Mzansi after video emerges of him preaching in church

Tol Ass Mo has once again found himself in the public spotlight. Picture: Instagram/@tolassmo

Tol Ass Mo has once again found himself in the public spotlight. Picture: Instagram/@tolassmo

Published Nov 6, 2023


Mongezi 'Tol Ass Mo’ Mahlangu has endured a turbulent past few years in the public spotlight off the back of Lerato Moloi’s accusation that the retired comedian had raped her.

And while a court ruling vindicated him from the charges last year, Mahlangu has been left to pick up the pieces of a tainted public image and a fractured personal life.

Just a few months on from him grabbing headlines after announcing his divorce from his wife of 11 years, Mome Mahlangu, the 37-year-old has once again found himself as the topic of conversation on social media after a video emerged of him preaching in a church.

“TolAssMo appears to have moved on from being a sangoma to being a prophet.🙏🙏,” shared @nalathikozane.

Previously, Mahlangu had publicly shared his journey into becoming a sangoma a few years ago. To the surprise of many, it now appears that he’s now turned his attention to the church.

“I cannot take him serious, to me he’s always gonna be a comedian 😂😂😭,” commented @pgalatians67.

“Still getting mo information on this one but the way religious leaders are quick to give celebrities platforms is mind boggling,” tweeted @inspira4success.

@kamalbule attributed this latest move to the rape allegations levelled against Mahlangu. “That’s the results of false rape accusations. Lerato Moloi dis a serious number on the chap. Eventually he will heal. We look forward to a better TallAssMo.”

@mr_bluskyy added, “Lmao... Yeah this is funny. But I don't care what people say though, trying to find your feet again while exploring new things is better than staying at home like a pvssy hoping one day the light will shine on you. Opportunity dances with those who are on the dance floor!”

@mohlaodi7 shared her well-wishes: “This is a good thing to be a prophet. But this journey is not an easy one, to be a prophet until death. Many people give up along the way. I wish him the best in his journey helping poor souls going through things.”