WATCH: Unathi Nkayi served Musa Khawula the mother of all clap backs

Unathi Nkayi. Picture: Instagram

Unathi Nkayi. Picture: Instagram

Published May 12, 2023


Seasoned broadcaster and singer Unathi Nkayi isn’t here for body shaming.

In a video clip she shared on her Instagram page, the former “Idols SA” judge says she was forced to respond to controversial blogger and YouTuber Musa Khawula’s snarky remark about her body.

A few weeks ago, Khawula shared a picture of Nkayi with a caption that read: “Tummy is flat but it's also giving I've been through some things.”

Nkayi, a mother of two, was never going to let this slide.

She clapped back at Khawula, calling him a weak man.

Nkayi said: “I wasn't going to do a video about this because I don't like giving weak men attention but I realised that it's Mother's Day on Sunday and a lot of mothers get body shamed for the fact that we can create life in our tummies, bring up life in tummies, give life from our tummies.”

She continued: “So I wanna ask a question to the man who body shamed me and wrote 'flat tummy but you can see it’s been through a lot,' 'I wanna ask you, 'Sunday approaches and it's Mother's Day, do you think of the mother of the man you've been accused of murdering, Musa Khawula’.

“Do you think of Wandile Khambule’s mother at all as you think that it's okay to just go around body shaming people?”

Khawula is accused of stabbing and killing his former love Wandile Khambule in March 2022 after the pair quarrelled at the deceased’s home in Vredenburg.

Nkayi, who has been documenting her fitness journey on social media, revealed that it has taken her 10 years to achieve her goal weight.

“I have had to work for it. Every day I have had to choose my dreams, and that comes with work. Wanting to be happy has meant I have had to wake up and work on my happiness.

What cripples us at times is the fact that we want to be happy but we put others before us. You cannot give what you do not have. So fill yourself up first before you give to others.”