Meet Queen of Zambian entertainment Mutale Mwanza — the woman with a self-produced reality show on Zambezi Magic

Zambian TV and radio personality Mutale Mwanza. Picture: Supplied

Zambian TV and radio personality Mutale Mwanza. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 19, 2024


Africa is a melting pot when it comes to talent, with the continent bursting with extraordinary beings from various parts.

As African entertainment takes centre stage, we are all becoming more aware of African stars.

Kitwe native and renowned media personality, 36-year-old Mutale Melissa Mwanza, has made her name synonymous with leading entertainment in Zambia.

Since breaking onto the scene in 2008 with a four-year stint on the breakfast show at Flava FM radio, Mwanza has become a tour de force within the industry, known affectionately by her fans as the "Queen of Zambian Entertainment".

Her tenure at Flava FM, was where the star was born and she went on to captivate audiences on a series of successful programmes.

Her visionary approach in the media world is perhaps best exemplified by her reality TV show “Mutale Mwanza Unscripted” on Zambezi Magic.

The concept, which was birthed from Mutale's creativity, offers viewers a vibrant mix of lifestyle content, fashion, and a front-row seat into Mutale Mwanza’s life, cementing her role not only as a media personality but also as an influential content creator and reality TV star.

The series is self-produced under the supervision of Mutale Mwanza Media. The reality show debuted in April 2023 and is currently in its first season.

Mwanza will be visiting South Africa this March for her reality show, ‘Mutale Mwanza Unscripted’ and this is a testament to her expanding influence beyond Zambia's borders.

During her visit to South Africa, Mwanza plans to engage with her audience through various activities, including media interviews, meet-and-greets with fans, and collaborations with local businesses.

The scene she will be shooting for her reality show will likely showcase her interactions with South African people, culture, and the local environment.

Fans can expect to see a glimpse of Mutale's personal life as she navigates a new environment and shares her experiences with her viewers.

Her reality show has contributed significantly to reshaping perceptions of media personalities and content creation in Zambia.

The show depicts Mwanza as a multi-dimensional individual with diverse interests and skills beyond what is often portrayed in the media. She showcases her life as an entrepreneur, mother, philanthropist, and public figure, demystifying the one-dimensional image of celebrities in Zambia.

This has had a ripple effect on content creation in Zambia, inspiring a more diverse and authentic representation of media personalities in the country.

Zambian reality tv star, tv and radio presenter Mutale Mwanza. Picture: Supplied

With the status of being the most followed female entertainer in Zambia, she harbours the proud distinction of being the only female in the nation to have a self-produced reality show broadcast on Zambezi Magic.

This demonstrates Mwanza’s influence and relevance in the Zambian media and entertainment industry, inspiring other women to break barriers and take up leadership roles in their respective fields.

Her accomplishments also provide a positive representation of Zambian women, challenging negative stereotypes and encouraging more inclusive and diverse representation in the media.

Season two of ‘Mutale Mwanza Unscripted’ premieres on May 5 and airs every Sunday at 8pm on Zambezi Magic, channel 162 on DStv.

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