Anatii is back like he never left



Published Nov 11, 2022


Anatii has often been described as South Africa’s very own Frank Ocean. He cuts an elusive public figure, he takes his time with his music and when he does eventually release the quality is indisputable.

After finally popping out publicly in recent weeks after a lengthy period out of the limelight, the mercurial 29-year-old musician is officially back with a new single just in time for the summer.

Entitled “Amadlozi”, the single marks his first release since 2018’s paradigm shifting SAMA award-winning album “Iyeza”.

In case anyone had forgotten, the thumping “Amadlozi”, which features LOOKATUPS, is a reminder of Anatii’s brilliance.

Earlier this week, he had hinted at a new release when he posted a cryptic Instagram post captioned, “Everything, everywhere, all at once”.

The post also included a screenshot of a fan’s post that read, “Yo @ANATII we are hungry my brother, feed us something. When are you dropping??? Mthandazo wam ngathi awusebenzi!!”

“Amadlozi”, which translates to “ancestors”, is a continuation of the spiritual awakening that first came to the fore with “Iyeza”, an album that saw Anatii openly and potently explore his Xhosa culture and ancestral heritage.

He explained through a press release that over the past few years, he’d been living his life and figuring things out.

“I’m nervous and excited at the same time to release ‘Amadlozi’,” he said.

“Since my last music release, I’ve spent time living life, learning more, exploring new ways to disrupt the internet, creating new art and new music; with right now feeling like the best time to drop it.”

He went on to reassure fans who had expressed concern about his lack of musical output, that music was still a major part of his artistry. “The plan has always been to create – be it music, art, or fashion. I just took time now to create more art, make more music and to let those who appreciate my music enjoy it once again.”

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