DJ Maphorisa responds to amapiano fall-out, urges SA to learn from Nigerians

DJ Maphorisa. Picture: Instagram

DJ Maphorisa. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 13, 2023


The fallout from Swae Lee’s controversial tweet and his subsequent attempt to atone has been sweeping.

While South Africans have been relentless in their attacks of the US rapper, a lot of Nigerian Twitter has been adding fuel to the fire by insisting that Nigerian artists are spearheading the genre’s global expansion.

In an attempt to diffuse the tension, local amapiano star DJ Maphorisa shared a lengthy video from his Instagram Live in which he calls for unity between SA and Nigeria and insists that amapiano is an uncontrollable force that can’t be gatekept.

“Let's Spread LOVE we are ONE 🇳🇬❤️🇿🇦🙏🏾,” he shared.

He started the video off by explaining how SA could learn from Nigeria. “Everywhere they go, they move as a community. They even have their own restaurants, they have their own clubs, so when they move they move with the culture. That’s what’s missing in South African artists, because we’re only moving with the sound.”

He went on to add that Nigerians are “stronger in everything” because everywhere they go they move as one. “For me, I’m learning a lot from them. I’m getting inspired. So it just pains me when South Africans don’t really understand… And don’t blame Americans cause Americans wouldn’t understand. They’re influenced by Nigerians there.”

Prince Kaybee shared a similar sentiment on Twitter. “We are not the originators of House Music and the reason why I’m successful today is because of it. You cannot gate keep culture or else it won’t grow. Without interpretation from someone outside what you have started, there is no room for growth. Never has any South African DJ...”

He continued, “… credited the originators of House Music in Chicago when they drop music, in fact they put the South African flag and say South Africa to the world. Let people explore how ever they want, if they don’t mention the originators, it doesn’t matter, the culture is growing.”

As ever, Nota chimed in with his own hostile take, “Actually, I’ve decided… F*ck Nigerians. They have no humanity. There’s nothing we gain from trying to foster relations with them. They condemned themselves to savagery half a millennium ago!”

“Maphorisa is basically telling us to Adam22 ourselves for these Nigerians that want to f*ck up our culture,” he added. “F*ck them all… I’m tired of being scared to be seen a xenophobic. These people are cold heartless savages that wouldn’t think twice before destroying our society, shisani!”