Mzansi has mixed feelings about T.I’s new amapiano song with Kamo Mphela

US rapper T.I has made his first attempt at amapiano. Picture: Instagram/T.I

US rapper T.I has made his first attempt at amapiano. Picture: Instagram/T.I

Published Nov 3, 2023


Multi Grammy Award winning rapper T.I released a new single on Thursday featuring amapiano star Kamo Mphela.

On the post sharing the song’s release, T.I described ‘Vacay’ as trapiano.

‘Trapiano’ is an amalgamation of the rap subgenre of trap music, which T.I has been a leading figure of for over a decade, and SA’s trailblazing genre, amapiano.

“"VACAY" OUT NOW,” he shared. “Featuring da amazing n talented @kamo_mphelaxx from #KissTheKing coming soon, U DIGG !! Add 2 ur playlists with the link in bio, video coming soon!! #amapiano #trapiano”

‘Vacay’ was produced by Champuru Makhenzo, who’s championed Trapiano (which sees rappers rapping on amapiano beats) for a number of years now.

Makhenzo previously produced several hit records by the late Costa Titch such as ‘Ma Gang’ and ‘Kamo Mphela’.

Social media users have been divided on their views of the new song:

“South Africa stand up. Kamo is gone. Thank you Tip for jumping on the sound,” commented @heavy_za on Instagram.

@trai_lee_ on the other hand shared a more sinister view as he quoted a line from AKA. “N**** couldn’t rap so they fled to the Yanos.”

On X (formerly Twitter), @ABUTLEZ added, “Back from listening to the whole song. Fire track. A thing about piano is that repetition is key. Costa Titch as a rapper over piano beats did it so well. And Kamo should've handled the chorus. Otherwise good track.”

@king_povs felt T.I did a great job and that Mphela had a disappointing showing. “The song is beautiful and you nailed it T.I but the kamo verse was unnecessary.She ruined it.”