Uncle Waffles releases new project, promises more to come

Uncle Waffles has released her new project ‘Asylum’. Picture: Intagram

Uncle Waffles has released her new project ‘Asylum’. Picture: Intagram

Published Apr 1, 2023


A year on from the release of her debut project, “Red Dragon”, world-renowned DJ sensation Uncle Waffles is back with a new album titled “Asylum”.

The album features a range of collaborators, including Shakes, Les, Scumie, DJ Stresser and 3Two1. She also worked with Justin 99, Tony Duardo, Pcee, Chley and Eeque on the viral lead single, “Yahyappiyah”, which was released on Wednesday.

On Thursday evening she took to her Instagram page to share, “Asylum - this project is a representation of how I felt in my mind trying to grasp an industry I was blessed to be thrown in, an artistic portrayal of emotions and feelings, of growth, highs and lows and all the in betweens.

“It's been a journey creating something I love, and I hope y'all love it too. But it's only part 1.”

The project sees the 23-year-old DJ make her first vocal appearance, which she shared she was experiencing with last year. Ahead of the song’s release Waffles held a private brunch to celebrate her birthday on Thursday.

Another notable release to come out today was Davido’s highly publicised comeback album, “Timeless”. The album comes after a period in which Davido had pulled back from the limelight following the tragic death of his young son last December.

“At long last - WE are back,” he shared on Instagram on Friday morning. “The journey from my last album to this album has been a whirlwind to say the least. I recall sitting and staring over the ocean not too long ago, wondering if I could get here again, after all I've been through.

“But with your love and support, we made it. I'm not sure what comes after this but I wanted to give you my heart, soul and energy. Today I present you "TIMELESS". So many people to thank who helped make this happen but first, I must send a special thank you to the strongest woman I know, @thechefchi! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Davido went on to thank all his supporters, “I love you. Now, enjoy! I'll see you all on road soon!”

Other big local releases on Friday include Shane Eagle’s new single, “Hold You” and Lloyiso’s latest release, “Give A Little Kindness”.