Pastor Keion Henderson divides the masses by silencing congregant during praise and worship

Keion Henderson. Picture: Instagram/@pastorkeion

Keion Henderson. Picture: Instagram/@pastorkeion

Published May 7, 2024


An American pastor has gotten people talking after a video of them silencing a choir member has gone viral.

Pastor Keion Henderson has faced criticism for telling the woman to ‘sshh’ and hush during praise and worship. In the video clip, a woman’s voice can be heard yelling as though they had been overcome with emotion.

Shared on the Shaderoom, the caption read; “Wayment! He said “silence in the name of Jesus!”😩😭 #Roomies, do you think Pastor #KeionHenderson was wrong for this or nah?”

The comment section was filled with many people weighing in on whether the pastor was wrong for silencing the woman and saying that the only voice he wanted to hear was Jesus’ but continued to sing.

According to some comments, the woman is known to be loud with emotion during church services, making many wonder why the pastor didn’t talk to her privately, instead of embarrassing her on stage.

Some, however, wondered if it was all real, considering how quick she was to go silent after being sshhed.

@thehanyoung said: “I’ve been a member for over a year now and she does this every single Sunday, and gets louder each week. I’m surprised no one has said anything before today.”

@marvoniellay said: “The fact that she was able to quickly “silence” was in fact why he did it. If you’re completely under the spirit you cannot turn that off with a quickness.

“It seems to be a lot of ppl who don’t even go to church, never read the bible or encountered the spirit commenting and y’all need to silence as well tbh.

“He wasn’t even telling her to silence he was telling that spirit of distraction and disruption to silence…”

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