Bonko Khoza says ‘The Wife’s’ Mqhele does not belong to him

Bonko Khoza. Picture: File

Bonko Khoza. Picture: File

Published Nov 17, 2022


Award-winning actor Bonko Khoza, who left the audience captivated when he played the role of Mqhele in “The Wife” season one and two, has asked that fans give his replacement, Wiseman Mncube, a chance.

“The Wife” season three is currently airing on Showmax and it seems that some of Khoza’s fans can’t let go of the idea of him being in the lead role saying that he made the character really come to life while Mncube is just acting.

After the comments, the actor took to Twitter to make his fans understand that he doesn’t “own” the role.

He also applauded the “Uzalo” star for stepping into the role as Mqhele and running with it.

In a Twitter thread he wrote: “I pray one day the audience and the creators can be on the same page because there’s a real disconnect between what happens behind the scenes and what the public see’s. This character does not belong to me. (Thread).

”It belongs to Sis Dudu and Showmax. Meaning it can be played by whoever they see fit.“

He mentioned that he had did his “fair share” and it was time to give other actors a chance.

“As for me I did my fair share. and now It’s time to give other actors a chance on the same big platform that I got given a chance.”

The star added: “Once we as an audience can tap into this idea of creativity and collaboration instead of being entitled to actors lives. You’ll enjoy the art of what we’re actually doing so much more I promise you. Much love.”

When the show first aired fans gave Mncube their stamp of approval, however as the show has progressed, some fans have had a change of heart.

Responding to Khoza’s thread, @leeera93 wrote: “We get it. We do. But still doesn't change that we miss you 😞😞. Ukusafani 😭😭 mina I'm trying but I can't. Deep down I feel like you were not going to strip for those cops. Not the Mqhele that was you. Never!!! 😂😂😂😂

@chipi_iyalode wrote: “Your breaking my heart to be precise, your looks, statue made me glued to the TV otherwise I don't have the edge to watch again I feel it's missing something.”

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