Wiseman Mncube and Lorraine Moropa on their leading roles in ‘Nkalakatha: the Life of Mandoza’

Wiseman Mncube as Mandoza in ‘Nkalakatha: the Life of Mandoza’. Picture: Supplied

Wiseman Mncube as Mandoza in ‘Nkalakatha: the Life of Mandoza’. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 12, 2023


The countdown is on for the premiere of ‘Nkalakatha: the Life of Mandoza’ which looks at the life of late Kwaito musician Mduduzi Edmond Tshabala, affectionately known as Mandoza.

The six-part biopic delves into his emotional and personal struggles in a way that gives the viewers a sense of his ‘human’ side. It is the rise of the star, the resilience of a young boy from Soweto.

The role of Mandoza is portrayed by the exceptional Wiseman Mncube, whose captivating performance brings the essence and spirit of the beloved musician to life.

“The weight of portraying an icon was heavy on my shoulders. I felt a deep responsibility to honour his memory and pay homage to his legacy and I am honoured to have been chosen for the role.”

“I leant that Mandoza was a God-fearing man and he was a people’s person,” explained Mncube about his character.

“He would pray before doing any performance with his group mates Chiskop.

Mncube shared that performing the late musician’s music was his favourite part, which was evident at the premiere screening where he and the rest of the cast performed for those in attendance.

Lorraine Moropa flawlessly embodies the role of Mandoza's wife, Mpho Tshabalala, an integral force behind the realisation of this biopic.

Moropa shared that it was an absolute honour portraying the role of Mpho, especially since it was a character that she did not initially audition for but destiny had that she would be cast for the role.

Lindo Sothole gained fame on social media as Valdo’s dad with their adorable father and son videos but has since gone on to pave quite the career for himself in the industry. Him being cast as General was also another moment of destiny, a break he had been waiting for.

He initially worked on the production as a choreographer, then it happened that casting General was not easy. Finding someone who can do those famous back-flips, which Sothole managed to do, effortlessly resulted in him landing the role.

The biopic also stars Phineas Bullets who certainly steals the show as Fana, a close friend to Mandoza. Bullets had lots of fun portraying the kasi character which he embodies effortlessly.

‘Nkalakatha: the Life of Mandoza’ premieres on Wednesdays August 16, 2023, exclusively on BET Africa (DStv Channel 129) at 21:00 CAT.