'Big Brother Mzansi’ disqualifies Bravo B following derogatory comments about housemates

‘Big Brother Mzansi’ season four housemate Bravo B with host Lawrence Maleka. Picture: Supplied

‘Big Brother Mzansi’ season four housemate Bravo B with host Lawrence Maleka. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 27, 2024


We’re only into the first week of season four of 'Big Brother Mzansi’ and already MultiChoice has taken the executive decision to disqualify one of the housemates.

This comes after a conversation between Lindokuhle Nsele (Bravo B) and Tshepo Tau (Makhekhe) went viral on social media.

The clipped showed the two talking opening about “smashing” their fellow contestants Liema or Zee because they were drunk.

“I was planning that the girl who can let me smash is Mpumi, my homegirl, just to satisfy my …” Bravo B could be heard saying.

In response to the uproar, 'Big Brother Mzansi’ issued a statement via its various social media channels and said it was investigating the matter.

“We do not condone any acts that threaten the safety of the housemates on the show and we take Gender Based Violence seriously,” added Mzansi Magic and DStv in a joint press release.

In the interim Bravo B has been disqualified, while Makhekhe will face a reprimand from Big Brother “with a social lesson on behaviour etiquettes.”

“Mzansi Magic will ensure that Makhekhe is coached to call out anyone who speaks or behaves in a derogatory manner,” the statement concluded.

Fans praised Biggie for taking drastic action, while others wanted Makhekhe to receive the same punishment as Bravo B.

“Thank you for sending a strong message to the public against rapey behaviour. More education is needed for the elderly who continue to protect and enable GBV & rape perpetrators in their families. The victims are continuously relieving the trauma and being blamed,” commented an X user.

Another said: “Such a great opportunity wasted. They both should've been disqualified, hands down. They were in to do it. Cringy AF.”

When the housemates were introduced to the nation earlier this week, Makhekhe was the first contestant who walked into the house and by his own admission was a self-confessed “ladies’ man."

Bravo B followed right behind and said he was looking forward to the R2-million prize since he feared being poor forever.

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